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In the year2008 we have seen great growth as well as a great collapse. The online marketing and advertising worlds grew by 23%. We saw overall online ad spending increase by $1.1 billion dollars. The emergence of “universal” search. Google absorbed YouTube and Yahoo bought Flickr. We embraced social networking into the corporate sector and developed a “open” API to run our online social lives. But, our we ready for 2008?

Most forecasts are calling for more growth and more spending. The future seems to be predetermined for us “web,web,web”. I for one am the biggest fan and will personally prosper from this mindset, but are we putting all our eggs in one basket. I have been servicing the Internet marketing needs of a diverse group of clients (i.e. mom and pop-fortune 500) companies for sometime now. The time and information I have learned have let me know that a focused marketing approach is a successful marketing approach. There were many years of great advertising before the web. There wasn’t even a form of metric outside the Nielsen’s rating.

Now, people want guarantee this and guarantee that. Some Clients think that we have teams of people that go to houses and “click” other peoples mice to guarantee their CPC. On the other side there are the paranoid advertisers who think every click is a fraud, once again the team of people in my office that sit around all day and click on our clients sites. Finally there is that one client with the big ego and the bigger check book that want to be “#1” “at the top”, no matter how much you explain that, that is not the right mindset they ignore your years of expertise and experience, only to hold you personally accountable for the gauge in the marketing budget.

Through 2007 we have seen great change and great growth. The biggest change is in the number of Internet marketers springing up on every corner. The growth has been the advertisers patience growing thinner with every cold call and solicitor badgering them for business.

In conclusion, 2008 will be another banner year for the internet marketing world. With all the competition the quality of marketing and advertising will go up. The natural by-product of that is an increased ad budget all around the web. Advertiser’s will openly embrace Internet marketing as a standard not “new” or “emerging” media. A website and some kind of marketing will be the norm for all businesses 1 employee and bigger.

My Advice: Stay focused and realistic. Don’t let your ego or your wallet dictate your online presence. Find a Internet marketing consultant who is unbiased and impartial and will listen to your needs, and befriend that person. Take them out for lunch, learn as much as you can from the people who live it everyday.