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I have been on the trade show (Home and Garden Show) circuit for about 3 months now. I have heard about every type of PPC platform available. There seems to be teams of “rogue” spin-off agencies, using software and methods to develop custom PPC campaigns. While I feel that this will foster innovation, I am also inclined to believe that this will dilute the quality of the product. Too many chiefs and no Indian’s.

Who will pioneer new technology?

The answer isn’t as simple as you would think. Google will be continuing to dominate in the internet advertising arena, while Yahoo will embrace as many “flashy” media widgets and gadgets, with the most curb appeal. Invoke and prevoke are the operative terms. In order for MSN and ASK to continue, they will need to gain ground in both media and advertising arenas. The aforementioned “rogue” agencies, will be the deciding factor. There ability to manipulate marketing campaigns and use behavioral targeting to raise ROI and decrease ad budget, within each search engine, is the obvious path to “internet marketing richeousness”.

Why is this a risk?

However, there are certain “side effects”. These side effects can range from, outrageous CPC’s, Low Quality Scores or even complete demographic and keywords omissions. The importance of a great internet marketing rep is the obvious scapegoat. The account rep, from a “Big Name” print directory or  the search engine provided advertising interface manager, is the business owners only synaps to the web. There are numerous fail-safes in these marketing platforms, however if not activated they will be useless. THERE IS NO “SET-IT and FORGET-IT” internet marketing. I don’t care how well your software’s algorithm sparces search value and criteria, you need to monitor and optimise. When you leave a search marketing system to run itself, the results will instantly reveal this. It’s safe to say “You Reap what you Sew”.

In conclusion, as our industry begins to hit full throttle, we the consultants and reps need to insure that we are giving it our ALL. The future of our industry is dependant on this quest for the lowest CPC. Or is it the best ROI. Wait a minute, it could be the best overall SERP. No matter what factor you use to gauge you internet marketing success, make sure that you never fall victim to a LAZY internet marketing strategy.