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Choosing the right search engine optimization (SEO) plan for your business can be a daunting task. Two of the main options to consider are local SEO and national SEO campaigns. Each method has its own benefits, and there are a number of factors that go into determining which option is best.

At Higher Images, we’ve put together a guide on local SEO and national SEO to help you choose the right method!

What is the Difference Between Local SEO and National SEO?

When you use national SEO, you are driving traffic from users across the country. This type of SEO brings on more competition on the search engine, but it will also help you draw in a larger volume of website traffic. This method works well for companies that operate at a national level.

For local SEO, your website will target traffic within a local radius. This will help drive local online users to your website. This is a great method for companies that operate at a local level and is a great method for small businesses to utilize.

Keywords play a major role in the differences between local and national search engine optimization. When you are working with local SEO, you will focus on local towns and various local locations, such as “lawyers near me” or “lawyers in Pittsburgh.” With national SEO, you will use more non-geographical keywords, such as “pet supplies” or “medical equipment supplier.”

For local SEO, we recommend creating a page on your website for each location in the area that you serve and tailoring the content to suit that area. If you have multiple physical locations, you will need to make sure that you have a Google Business Profile for each location.

Additionally, you can focus on link building by reaching out to directories, news brands, and other businesses to help implement credible links both in your website and out of your website.

National SEO will also focus on these efforts to optimize your website; the major difference will be the keywords that you use, as we mentioned earlier in the article. You will shift your focus to your brand name or the products and services you want to rank for.

Can a National Company Use Local SEO?

Local SEO isn’t restricted to local businesses. Companies that operate on a national level can still benefit greatly from local SEO strategies. According to Google, almost half of users are using location-centered searches. If your company serves areas locally, then using local keywords and localized SEO are a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

Companies that work on a local level throughout the country will need to optimize their website content to include keywords for each geographical area they serve.

I Own a Local Company. Do I Need National SEO?

If your business would like to reach customers outside of your local location, then you can implement an SEO strategy into your website in order to reach a whole new market of customers. Also, if you are targeting multiple local areas, then you might be able to utilize a national SEO strategy in your target areas. Just like national companies can you local practices, the same can be said for local businesses.

Local SEO and National SEO Pros and Cons

With local SEO, your efforts are more targeted than with national SEO. The local strategies allow you to rank better in local organic searches and will also help to boost your website’s SERP ranking. Optimizing your website on a local level rather than a national level is also less competitive.

However, with national SEO, you can reach a wider audience, although it is more competitive. You can produce extensive organic results over time with national SEO. Keep in mind that it will require a lot of work!

Get Help from the Experts!

Hiring an SEO company that is familiar with local and national SEO strategies can help jumpstart your online presence. An experienced SEO agency will have the knowledge and tools it takes to figure out which campaigns are right for your business. If you are looking for a company experienced in seo services, contact Higher Images today to learn more about how digital marketing can boost your business.