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There has been a great deal of hype lately about companies using WordPress platform to create web-sites. I even mentioned a Local law firm using WordPress for it’s website Making Law Easy. Today I read a great post about how companies like can capitalize on the work of many to benefit their online marketing efforts. Most companies realize that they need to be represented on the web, but many never go about it correctly. Then there are some forward thinkers who keep an online ear to the track and use technology to their advantage. “Work smart, not hard” is the message. With WordPress, you (companies) have freedom to do any and all “buzz-words” they hear in the web marketing industry (i.e. podcast, webcast, RSS, Video). These are the future of the web. Thats not in stone, but it’s close. Finally, I was emailed a great article about tips for using wordpressand how it can help your SEO efforts. This is a great tool for amateur marketers, because it gives you a set-it-and-forget system for optimising keywords and header tags, (the building blocks of seo). So, next time you are thinking of hiring a web designer, ask yourself how involved you CAN be and if the answer is “all-in” then wordpress is the answer. IT”S FREE