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Take the time to ensure you protect yourself!!

New malware alert: a mobile Trojan is targeting Android devices and tricking users into giving it their banking and credit card info. It can pose as 2,200 different bank apps, and it may have already stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here’s how you can stay protected.

A new malware has been attacking Android devices utilizing sneaky ways to steal your online banking information. Avast Threat Labs and SfyLabs worked together to uncover and expose this malware, which has been named Catelltes Bot. The malware is similar to a Russian outbreak earlier this year, where cybercriminals successfully stole over $900,000. (That malware was called “CronBot”—which shares similarities with the original Catelites Bot.)

How it works: If you do not have a security program on your Android I recommend Avast Mobile Security

Here is a short video to watch on how it works:If you don’t have a mobile security, here are some Avast Recommended tips to help you stay safe:

  1. To make sure there is no malware on your phone, boot it up in safe mode (instructions here) and carefully follow the directions. Remove any suspicious apps as directed.
  2. Avoid third-party app stores. Instead, get your apps only from the popular mainstream shops like Google Play.
  3. Do not grant admin rights to any app or program unless you feel absolutely secure about it. If a strange request pops up asking for permissions, and it seems unmotivated, something phishy may be afoot.
  4. When opening your bank app, watch it carefully and make sure it behaves normally. If anything seems amiss, close it immediately and reach out to your bank to check if the behavior was normal or manipulated.
  5. Install security software like Avast Mobile Security for Android on your device to protect against Catalites Bot and other malware threats.DOWNLOAD AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS