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Local Business Market

The evidence is slowly mounting that the “trend” of the Mobile App is far from going away. Whether you are a local retail store, a doctor’s office or an insurance agent targeting your clients by keeping them connected is a very real way of life. At Higher Images, there are now more than ever, very affordable ways to keep your clients connected, add new clients to your client list and keep both connected.

Recently, there’s been a surge of cookie cutter industry apps flooding the mobile market and although there is some validity to these apps, having a custom Mobile APP developed with your business in mind is ideal for customer integration and to impact your business and your bottom line.

According to some statistics, 2 in 3 businesses don’t have an iOS or Android app, leaving plenty of opportunities for others to represent them in the app stores and in their marketplace.

Who’s directly affected?

Losing your Brand awareness in a marketplace can happen fast in this day and age of mobile marketing. This can happen to any business at any time, and those who are choosing not to build apps, are quickly finding that if they don’t, someone else in their market and probably a direct competitor will.

Think about how you shop and use that process to your advantage. Many clients will stay loyal to you and will return to your store or website if it is easy to get to both in location and with the ease of being connected to the one device we can not live without, our phones. Imagine being able to stay connected with your clients through push notifications, articles and newsletters and geo-targeting.

How does this affect your clients?

About 86% of people say they download apps at least once a month to purchase products or to stay connected. However, many customers are quickly finding that not every app will let them accomplish these simple tasks that they are looking for from their local business. Higher Images can develop an APP for you based on the needs of your business and your clients. The first step is giving us a call to set up a time to talk to one of our Mobile APP specialists to find out exactly what you needs are.

What does this mean for local businesses?

What it means is that Apps are no longer optional. Customers prefer apps over websites because they’re faster and more convenient, so you can expect that clients will turn to apps to educate, make purchases and stay loyal to your business while being connected through their phone.

As the new year approaches, it’s more important than ever to take a look at your online brand and reevaluate your business. Mobile APPs are not going away and to be a leader in your industry and stand apart from your competitors you need to take a look at how this “trend” is affecting your business and your brand. If you’re not at the top of your game, someone else will be. Mobile apps are only one way to deliver the experience your customers both want and deserve.

Don’t let your brand be left behind. Talk to one of our experts about launching a mobile app today or to learn more check out our website