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PC versus Mac Security – Does a Mac need Anti-Virus software?

Time and time again I have heard people say that Macs are so much safer than a PC and that PCs are always getting malware, viruses, and other nasty security problems. Some Mac users would comment that they did not have to worry about those items. So how true are their statements?

The truth is both PCs and Macs are highly vulnerable to many different types of web threats and cyber-attacks. It doesn’t matter which operating system you are utilizing it is critical that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your system is protected immediately! The risk of malware, viruses and other threats on the internet continue to increase each year!

In Comparison how good is Mac Security and Microsoft Security?

When it comes down to it, the version of the operating system is something we must consider. To be fair, we would need to compare at the very latest version of each operating system. You also have to not only look at the version but ensure all the latest patches have been installed as well.

Currently, it is true that there are fewer threats on the Internet that target Mac OS X versus Windows. However, that does not mean that Macs are totally secure. There are estimated to be over 700,000 Mac OS X users that suffered the Flashback Trojan virus. There is a false sense of security that because users have a Mac that they did not need any type of anti-virus software. That failure has caused many users to suffer.

Time to Solutions

When evaluating the levels of security to include; the amount of damage and inconvenience that can be caused by an infection – it’s not just a question of how many malware, viruses and other items that are targeting each platform. How fast that the manufacturers respond to the problem is another critical issue we must consider.

Apple’s patch for the vulnerabilities exploited by Flashback took almost 50 days to be ready for distribution to Mac OS X users – and it was only available for users that were running OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion. This led to some people arguing that when a vulnerability is exploited by malware – and there’s a significant delay in obtaining a patch – this can have a very negative effect on the effectiveness of security.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a Mac or a PC. There are vulnerabilities out there that affect both operating systems, and you must ensure that you do the following:

  • Ensure that you are running anti-virus software on your system
  • Keep up with the latest OS and all the patches, this includes your mobile solution too
  • Utilize Web Safe Practices to help ensure you don’t mistakenly put yourself in a bad situation