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Today I come to you from the first floor of the Pittsburgh, Monroeville Home and Garden Show. Some may wonder why a tech heavy internet marketing agency is represented at a home and garden show. With the use of the net surpassing that of the “phoneBook” ( I hate that word), you can begin to see the natural need for our services at this type of show. Many contractors at the Pittsburgh Home Show are used to generating leads via the big yellow (un eco friendly) book, and now need to make up ground as that media diminishes.

As we begin to saturate the masses with our propaganda, there seems to be a common focus, “the phonebook people Scammed me”.

This is the siren of the show. It seems that during the introductory phase of the phonebook’s internet marketing product, there was some flaws to say the least. To a seasoned industry vet this would make sense , because the phone book has been doing internet marketing as long as Paris Hilton has been out of jail.

No wonder there are issues with their program, it’s not the print book. Why consumers would buy just because of the label is beyond me. (sarcasm)The trusted name that we have come to trust not only as a directory but as a method of validation to help me the consumer prove the up an up on a local business. Well people, welcome to the digital age where what was, isn’t, and what can be, will.