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Streamlining Bidding Results B | Streamlining Bidding Results B

Running a business can be challenging, and managing promotional campaigns can be even more complicated. A medical spa can be a very competitive niche with many challenges to overcome.

Many of these spas experience difficulty reaching their target audience, leading to low conversion rates. However, at Higher Images, we want to share an amazing success story about how a medical spa partnered with us to manage their Ad Words account. We helped them decrease their cost per conversion by 50%, leading to significant growth in their business.

Our Process for Boosting The Client’s Ad Words Campaign

Our client, a medical spa, reached out to us for help with managing their Ad Words account as they were experiencing a high cost per conversion and low conversion rates.

Our PPC team started working with them, first by adjusting their ads and identifying valuable search terms that were blocked due to the medical nature of their business. However, despite these adjustments, the results were still not satisfactory.

Streamlining Bidding Results square | Streamlining Bidding Results square

We then delved deeper into their campaign to optimize it further. By analyzing their data, including page quality scores, we identified the pages on their website that were more likely to convert users.

We adjusted their campaign to show their ads on those pages and created new ad campaigns targeting specific keywords and demographics.

How Expert Campaign Management Can Help You Reach Your Goals

The results of our changes were significant. In the first full month after we implemented the changes and had tracking set up correctly on their site, the client’s cost per conversion was $30, and they received 79 conversions for their budget.

It’s worth noting that the previous month was more expensive, but the goals were not being recorded correctly. However, by June, our campaign dropped to a cost per conversion of $13.78 with 315 conversions for the exact same budget.

Additionally, we were able to drop the client’s cost-per-click from $2.60 to $2.03. Our team continued to monitor the campaign and optimized it further over time, resulting in enhanced results and a steady conversion rate that met the client’s business objectives.

Importance of Strategic Planning in PPC Campaigns

Effective PPC campaigns require strategic planning, consistent monitoring, and optimization. Working closely with our clients, we analyze their data and make informed decisions to improve their Ad Words’ performance.

Our success story of decreasing the cost per conversion for a medical spa is a testament that Ad Words management requires ongoing optimization and continuous monitoring to achieve the desired results.

If you are experiencing similar challenges with your PPC campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact our team today! We are here to help you succeed and have the tools to help you gain the leads you need!