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Many clients have been contacting us in regards to notifications – either received via e-mail or US mail – that they are about to lose their domain name, unless they promptly reply with a payment – usually a very HIGH payment. Often at least $75 for only ONE YEAR of registration – to as high as $295 for five years of registration.

For those clients who panic in fear of losing their domain name, and therefore losing their website, they often remit their payment only to find that the solicitation was merely a scam from a company looking to take control of the domain name, and making it near impossible for the customer to regain control in the future.

Not only has a ridiculously high fee been remitted to a less than reputable registrar, but the customer has now turned over control of their domain to a company who has every intention of making it as difficult as possible for you – the customer – to contact any type of customer service, or have the ability to regain control of their domain.

If you currently have your domain registered through Higher Images, rest assured that for $15 per year (NOT $75, as the domain scammers will charge), your registration will remain current, and your website will remain online.

Have you received an email that tells you that it’s time to “send in your registration and save”? Are you afraid that if you don’t reply by the date on the notice that you may lose rankings, visibility, and possibly your website? If this is the case – and if you have received a notice similar to this – please contact Higher Images immediately. We are instantly able to see when your domain is actually set to expire, and we can help you renew it easily and legitimately.

Many of these unscrupulous solicitations tend to look similar to the below:

When you receive a notice that you need to renew your domain, please understand that the majority of these communications are most likely solicitations from outside registrars with the intention of manipulate consumers into transferring registered domain names from their current registrars to the soliciting company. Unfortunately when this happens, consumers agree to the new terms and pricing included in the solicitation, often costing them a significant amount of money above what they have previously been paying.By following the below steps, you can rest assured that your domain is safe, and always remains where you have complete control:

  • Always select the option of Private Domain Registration for your domain name. This option will cost you a few more dollars per year, but will also remove all of your personal information, preventing unwanted, deceitful and fraudulent attempts to gain control of your domain.
  • Be sure to use strong passwords, which include both upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters such as #,! and @.
  • Always register your domain name with a reputable domain registrar to ensure safety and security of your
    domain name, thereby also protecting your website or blog.

If you would like Higher Images to be your registrar, contact Robin Dugas at 412-203-1996 or