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Search Magnet Local (SML) as just released Version 3.0.

Search Magnet Local is a Business Microsite Profile Directory Program that allows search engines to find your business in your local area.  SML is so much more than just a business directory.  It is more like a business website with the capabilities for the business owner to edit everything on the page.  Version 3.0 allows the Business to select from 10 different designs, show their Videos / Commercials, includes an images Gallery, a document library, an on-line coupon / specials editor that notifies the business via email when their coupon / special is about to expire, allows for quickly sending the business address phone number directly to a potential customers cell phone and a lot more.

SML has an optional phone call tracking and recording system to help validate the results of the businesses profile.  It allows the business owner the capability of listening to the incoming phone calls and track how many calls have come in through the SML Program.  Business owners can use this option to evaluate how well they do on answering phone calls from potential customers, how well they sell the customer on their business and to track their overall results of incoming calls from the SML Program.

On the technical side SML is now Web 2.0 compliant and has included meta tags within the listing allowing the business to select their own keywords, description tags and more.  SML  does not leave it to the business owner to create their own profile but has technical support staff that creates the initial microsite.  This ensures a quality look and feel to start off.  After the Microsite is create the business owner can edit any data on their site, change their design, add new images, videos or add / delete items in their document library.

Search Magnet Local is an effective and economical way to advertise your Business on the Internet!  To see more about Search Magnet Local go to