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This is the digital age. We have gadgets for everything we need, as well as gizmo’s for everything we want. I challenge you to remember a telephone number (without your cell or PDA). Most children today don’t and won’t ever know what Beta-vision was/is. We don’t buy Cd’s anymore we download music by the song. These are all common occurrences in the digital age. We have learned to communicate via email, VoIp, and Weblogs. We rarely these days advertise in phonebooks (print), and a dictionary has been replaced by the internet. So, why has the evolution of Social Media been so jaded. Most of those who initiated social networks had “communication and collaboration” in mind. The purpose has been served we can flawlessly converse and share everything from info to pix to videos across multiple formats and platforms. All this, the end result of a “cyber-community”, sites like MySpace & Facebook steal the headlines while hundreds of spin-off platforms emerge and crash with every mouse click. It seems we are all in need to share and talk to others, but  will not pay the price for this ability. I read an article postured toward the negative aspects of Social Media innovation. The POV here was that with blogs being used more and more for SEO and less for “communication and collaboration”, we (the web user) would not receive “pure SERP’s. There is only but one reason this is happening INNOVATION!

We have learned how to manipulate these platforms for more than their one dimension of usage. We (the end user) have asked for and pushed the functionality to the edge. We are now able to make web sites are will, and see them rank in accordance to the topic of each. Is this so bad?

Some will argue yes, most will agree that this is the natural course of action (innovation). In order to advance we must take risks and go against the grain. This is how we move forward in technology. This is also why we should embrace any and all variations of social media. If you choose to use it for SEO, that’s fine (good luck) we all will benefit from the journey and lessons of the SEOer’s. If your use of social media is to communicate and collaborate than chat away, but don’t misinterpret others experiments and manipulation as abuse.

Thus, we can thank all those “social-pioneers”, for there hard work and patience. Maybe we need to better understand the mechanics of social media to tolerate those who manipulate it. “The rewards of the few will be enjoyed by the many”. Lets support the evolution and innovation of social media, for some it is an art, for others a tool, but everybody has a need that can be filled by some manipulation of social media.