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When you design a website with Higher Images, or use other Higher Images products such call tracking, SEO Local, Reputation Builder, SMLs, or email, you also have access to our tech support staff, who are available to solve issues that you may experience with any of our products.

If you experience a problem, we ask that you enter a support ticket so that we can solve it for you. Entering a support ticket using our Web Marketing Console system can be used for tech support, product issues, or updates. For instance, if your store is changing from summer house to winter hours or if you’d like to run a coupon special on your site, you can enter a ticket and ask that this work be done.

We welcome your phone calls, too, but if you know how to use the ticket system at WMC, that will streamline the process. Entering a ticket means that we have a record of the work you asked to be done, and you can view the notes that we make when working on your ticket. Once we’ve made your changes or fixed the issues you’ve experienced, you’ll get an email letting you know that the work was completed.

If you’re not sure how to enter a ticket into WMC, our COO Robin Dugas, has made an informative video, located in the Web Marketing Console under Training Videos and Help Related, called Creating/Opening a Customer Support ticket. This short video explains how to fill out a ticket, step by step.

If you have questions about the support ticket process, give us a call or send us an email. Our tech support team is happy to help so that your website continues to run smoothly.