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Utilizing Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing uses traditional channels such as newspapers, television, billboards, direct mail, magazines, and other printed media. Before the development of the internet in the 1990s, traditional marketing was the main type of marketing used by companies to grow their brand, advertise their products and services, and gain leads.

Traditional marketing is different from digital marketing based on the channels used to deliver the marketing message to consumers. As mentioned above, traditional marketing uses channels such as television and newspaper, whereas digital marketing uses a website or social media to deliver marketing messages.

Types of Traditional Marketing

There are various traditional marketing types that can help you increase your leads, improve your conversions, and grow your business. The types of traditional marketing services include:


With television advertising, you can target your ideal audience, serving them commercials that they will recognize and love, which will help you build trust and brand recognition. With about 96% of all American households having a television, you get a large audience reach with television advertising. Additionally, it is an affordable solution that can help you gain credibility with your audience.


Radio advertising allows you to reach thousands of people with your marketing message. Based on data from Nielsen’s Audio Today report from 2019, radio has access to 272 million consumers every week, giving you an extensive audience reach. It also helps you gain brand awareness for your ideal audience with selective targeting.


Eye-catching billboard graphics allow you to reach a large and diverse audience. A great benefit of billboard advertising is that people will see your ad and can’t click away from it like a digital ad. You also always have your message up for the world to see, working 24/7 to get your message out there.


You can increase your local brand awareness with newspaper advertising and build credibility. When it comes to newspaper advertising, you can reach proactive customers looking for deals and coupons. You also have flexible placement options that allow you to choose the best location for your ad, and you also get high engagement from the reader since a newspaper ad can be viewed in a single glance.


Magazine advertising can be used at both local and national levels, allowing you to reach your target audience anywhere! Like with newspaper ads, you can create trust between your brand and your audience with magazine ads.

You also build credibility with your audience and brand visibility as magazines are passed on to friends or family members. Additionally, magazine advertisements can be highly targeted to help you reach your ideal audience.

Promotional Items

With promotional products, you can promote your brand and uniquely increase awareness of your products and services. From custom pens and t-shirts to mugs and drawstring bags, several promotional products can be customized with your company’s name. These items can be used in several ways, such as at:

  • Conferences
  • Sale visits
  • Employee and vendor gifts
  • Tradeshows
  • Sponsored events
  • Promotional products help make a great impression on potential clients and help keep your brand name at the forefront of their minds.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

There are a variety of benefits to incorporating traditional marketing into your overall advertising strategy, including:

Make a Major Impact That is Relatable

Whether you choose a stunning billboard or a commercial that relates to everyday life, these are things that the consumer can see or experience in their daily life. These are marketing tools that can be easily understood, are relatable, and provide entertainment value.

Provide a Permanent Way to Communicate Your Message

With traditional marketing channels like newspaper ads, your ad will remain there until the consumer throws away the newspaper. Your message becomes more permanent compared to a Facebook post that can get lost in the shuffle of other posts.

Give Your Message More Power

When consumers experience something in real life rather than digitally, it can make a greater impact on them. Think about how much more memorable a stunning bus wrap or billboard can be. These types of advertising make an impact that is designed for consumers to notice and remember, rather than to scroll past like they can on Instagram.

How Much Does Traditional Marketing Cost?

When it comes to marketing, there are a variety of aspects and types of marketing, like digital tactics, that can all be combined to create the perfect strategy for your business. The best way to determine the cost of traditional marketing is to contact the experts at Higher Images who can complete a marketing audit and determine your needs.