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If you want to improve your SEO rankings, there are a variety of factors you can focus on. While Google’s factors are ever-changing, the experts at Higher Images have found that quality content, linking (internal and external), and on-page optimization are all consistently important.

Important Ranking Factors:

Quality Content

To boost your rankings, consider investing in high-quality content on your website. Great content needs to provide your audience with valuable information. You want to create captivating, informative content that will increase the time the user spends on the page lowers the bounce rate, and helps the user answer a question or solve a problem they have.

Your content also needs to go beyond just being well-written and long-form; it also needs to factor in the following:

  • The user’s intent. You need to dive into your Google Analytics to ensure that you are under your target searcher’s intent.
  • Keywords. There are a variety of keywords you need to include in your content that, while they may have an average search volume, will have a higher click-through rate with your target users.
  • Keep it fresh. While evergreen content is effective, you need to make sure you are giving it a great makeover every year and keeping the topic refreshed with relevant information. You can also audit your content to see what articles can be linked to others.

Internal and External Linking

With internal linking, it is easier for the SERP (or search engine results page) to find, index, and understand the pages throughout your website. You can strategically use internal links to send page authority or PageRank to important pages on your website. With a great internal linking strategy, you are also able to improve user experience by making navigating the site smoother.

External links will help you gain authority within the search engines because they show votes of confidence or popularity on your web pages. When you add external links, you can assist the search engines in determining how useful your pages are and demonstrate the quality of the content. High-quality pages linked to other high-quality pages will help search engines view your website with more favor than those who don’t have external links.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization deals with the inner workings of your content and SEO. With on-page SEO, you are focusing on optimizing the parts of the website you have control over. This technique looks at your website and what it is about. There are a few different optimization techniques, such as metadata descriptions. This is an HTML element you use to provide a brief description of your website. This is displayed in your search snippet and gives the user a clear picture of what they can gain by visiting your site.

Updating headings and titles, as well as image optimization, are other on-page techniques you can use to improve your search rankings.

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