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Lately, the web marketing “sandbox” has been getting a little crowded. We have recently welcomed the phone books to the competition of PPC online marketing. After speaking with a handful of my current clients the common denominator has been, the guerrilla marketing tactics being applied by the NG’s (new guys).

While some digital agencies may see this as a shot across their bow, others are welcoming the influx of information and programs being offered to the advertisers. All this info, on top of the already complex systems needed to represent yourself online have created a niche for “Web Consultants”.A fitting name given to an individual who’s main purpose is to untangle the digital mess most advertisers have become accustom to. Every week or so there seems to be a new wave of gadgets and standards to which the internet holds it’s publishers to. Whether it’s landing page relevance, proper tagging or a whole new medium to rank (video and pix) advertisers need to be able to decipher whats worthwhile and whats not.

So in conclusion, when making a decision on how to approach the net or what to do with what you have already have published, keep in mind there is no out of the box answer and you should spend some time with a qualified web consultant and harness the most out of your internet experience.