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What Is a Google My Business Listing?

As a certified Google Partner, the staff at Higher Images is always interested in the latest changes that Google introduces from time to time. As SEO Specialist Alex Rutkowski says, “When Google unleashes something new, it’s like Christmas all over again.”

Last month, Google created more power for your Google My Business Listing by allowing you to add a business description.

Good question. When someone searches for a local business on Google, many times you’ll notice a listing come up on the right-hand side of the search results page (on a laptop) or near the top of a search page (on a phone). This is a Google My Business local listing that provides information including the company name, images, a map, Google reviews, address, hours, and a click-to-call phone number. Google has now added a section where you can add a business description. (We’ve circled this section in yellow on the accompanying image.) It’s limited to 750 characters, so you can only write a few sentences. If you keep your description concise, you’ll be able to provide the kind of information you want everyone to see.

What Does This Have to Do with Growing My Business?

If your business wants to target local customers, a Google My Business listing makes it very easy to find your company in a search. For instance, if you search for “pizza parlors near me,” you’ll notice that three listings will come up. Each of those businesses has a Google My Business listing – that’s how Google found them and was able to present them to you. Think of how many people end their search terms with “near me.” The Google My Business listing puts all of that information at their fingertips, and if your competition is listed but your company is not, they’re automatically ahead. We tend to choose search results that come up first, so it’s time to make your company first.

If your company doesn’t have a Google My business listing, give Higher Images a call. We can help increase your customer base with our Local SEO programs.

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