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At Higher Images, we know what it takes for small businesses to get the attention they need: exposure. You need to be putting your business out there everywhere that you can. Even small business owners need to think big when it comes to marketing.

The best marketing campaigns include running ads on every relevant marketing channel at a continuous pace, which is not always affordable for small business owners. We’ve put together a guide on how you can integrate digital marketing with your direct mail campaign to ensure your business is getting the exposure and attention it needs to thrive.

Direct Mail Provides Laser-Focused Targeting

Direct mail can help you check to see if your audience targeting is precise and can also help you increase your response up to 400%. The offline approach of direct mail offers your company a level of targeting your audience that no other marketing technique can match. It is also more likely to get a response from potential customers, helping you more easily and more affordably take advantage of these responses through other marketing channels.

Direct mail offers a few reliable advantages that you cannot get with digital marketing when it comes to data and targeting, allowing you to target potential customers based on factors such as, but not limited to:

  • When their auto or home insurance policy will expire.
  • Whether they own rental properties in another state or city.
  • How long they have lived in their home.
  • How old their home is.
  • If they have children in the household and the ages of the children.

With direct mail, you can trigger action in the minds of your target audience and effectively close the gap between interaction and action.

In today’s digital age, you need interaction via channels such as social media while sparking action with techniques like direct mail. Therefore it is critical to integrate your direct mail campaign with your digital marketing efforts.

Tips for Integrating Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Once you have mailed out your postcards for your direct mail campaign, it is time to place coordinating ads on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. With around 69% of adults using Facebook and 1 billion people using Instagram each month, these are two great places to focus your marketing efforts as your
postcards circulate.

Facebook and Instagram each have their own Ad Manager, but you can also run all ads through Facebook. To get the most out of your social media efforts when pairing them with postcards:

  • Utilize the Ad Manager – Take your mailing list used for the postcards and upload it to the Ad Manager. The Ad Manager will match your records to user profiles.
  • Retarget Site Visitors – Take the time to compile a list of prospects who already visited your site but did not convert and make efforts to retarget them by showing follow-up display ads. This is also known as retargeting.
  • Coordinate Your Ads – Be sure that your ads are cohesive with the postcard and across all platforms. This will help you maximize your results and resonate more deeply with your audience.

Google adwords

Google Ads to Reach the Rest of the Web

You can also utilize Google’s Pay-Per-Click ads to place your business on the first page, within the first few results on Google. With Google, you are reaching about 90% of the entire internet, including users on Gmail, YouTube, and Google Finance, as well as Google partners such as CCN and
Fox. You also want to make sure these ads flow with the same style and concepts as the ads on Facebook and Instagram.

What Makes This Integration Effective?

You send out your postcard, sparking an initial interest in your target audience. They then browse the internet, compounding their interest with the ads they see on Facebook, Google, and Instagram. The prospect is reminded of their initial interest in your company, driving them to take action, such as visiting your website or giving you a call.

Expert Digital Marketing and Direct Mail Services

Ready to integrate your direct mail with your digital marketing? Higher Images can help! From direct mail postcards to Google Ads, we have the services and the expertise you need to enhance your marketing efforts and gain more leads. Contact us today to learn more!