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Over the past 17 years, Higher Images has invested millions of dollars in Digital HI Technology™ to put you ahead of your competitors. Our proprietary technology includes our CRM, Reputation Builder, and other programs that give you the competitive edge. Not only do we have the technology, but our team has years of experience and are always researching the best and most up to date practices. With Higher Images, you get quality technology and a dedicated team focused on driving traffic to your company.

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What is SEO?

Businesses use SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a type of inbound marketing that focuses on getting traffic organically. SEO works to generate leads, drive traffic to their website, sell goods online, connect with customers, and increase their online reputation and credibility.

Why You Need SEO

Here’s an SEO eye-opener: 93% of people looking at the internet start with a search, and millions of people are online every day. How can all of those people find you?
Having a professionally designed, user-friendly website is just the start. Now, you need to make sure that customers find you when they are searching online for information, products, ideas, and services. That’s the power of SEO. According to a survey by Hubspot, 91% of business see a return on interest, meaning it can work for you!

Our SEO Results speak for themselves.

Google Reviews
Google Receives more than 100 billion searches a month.

Pittsburgh SEO Stats
Nearly 90% of all marketers believe that SEO improves search rankings, website traffic, and leads.

“Higher Images helped my business.” 

A well-thought-out plan is critical to running any successful marketing campaign. It gives direction to the team, allows you to concentrate on the areas that will impact your business, and gives your salespeople a path to follow.

Higher Images helps you by setting measurable, attainable goals that will increase your website traffic, generate new leads, and rocket your search engines to the first page. Reaching those goals helps businesses stay on track to produce a measurable return on investment. We can tell you what is working, what isn’t, and why. We take the guesswork out of your SEO plan so that you can make good decisions for your business.

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